1) Beyond Spills: Surprising Things Your Baby’s Bib Catches



For parents, bibs are an essential accessory that they can’t live without. Bibs are great for catching spills and protecting clothes from stains, but their use goes beyond that. Babies tend to explore the world with their mouths, and as a result, their bibs can catch some surprising things.

Food Debris

The most common item you’ll find on your baby’s bib is probably food debris. As parents, we all expect the bib to catch any spills and dribbles, but it also collects tiny bits of food that babies and toddlers are famous for dropping. From rice grains to peas and corn, there is no limit to what you’ll find on the bib after mealtime.

Drool and Spit-Up

Another thing that gets caught in your baby’s bib is drool and spit-up. Infants tend to produce extra saliva, and this can result in a lot of drooling. Additionally, spit-up is pretty much unavoidable, and bibs are there to prevent it from staining clothes. Interestingly, you might find that the bib catches more drool and spit-up than actual food at times.

Art Materials

If your baby is a budding artist, you might find that their bib catches more than just food and drool. Some babies love to experiment with art materials, and their bib may end up with crayon or marker stains. These types of stains are often difficult to remove, so make sure to invest in a bib that’s easy to clean.

Household Cleaners

It might sound absurd, but your baby’s bib could also catch household cleaners. Babies tend to put everything in their mouths, and this includes items that have come into contact with cleaning solutions. So, if you’re cleaning your baby’s high chair or wiping down surfaces, make sure to keep the bib away from your cleaning supplies.


In conclusion, a bib is not just a simple piece of cloth but a fantastic tool that parents can use to catch everything from food debris and drool to art materials and cleaning solutions. Choosing the right bib can save you a lot of laundry and give you peace of mind. So, next time you’re picking out a bib, consider all the surprising things it might catch.