20 Foolproof Tricks to Get Your Toast Baby in Who’s Your Daddy


Who’s Your Daddy game has taken the gaming world by storm, and one of the most challenging objectives of the game is to get your toast baby to the toaster before the daddy catches you. However, fear not, as we have 20 foolproof tricks to help you along the way! Here are our tricks:

Trick 1: Find the Room with the Toast

  • In the game, some rooms have toast already placed on a plate, so finding that room can help you win the game.

Trick 2: Use the Toaster to Lure the Baby

  • Place the toaster within the baby’s grab range to make it easier to toast the baby.

Trick 3: Hide the Toast in a Drawer

  • Simply place the toast in a drawer to keep it safe from the daddy’s grasp. When it’s time, take the toast and run away.

Trick 4: Use the Trash Can to Hide the Toast

  • The trash can is a very effective hiding spot – the daddy will unlikely think twice before looking in here.

Trick 5: Place the Toast under the Sink

  • The sink can also be a great hiding spot. This is particularly useful when you are near the sink area and need to hide the toast quickly.

Trick 6: Hide Toast in the Bathtub

  • If the daddy isn’t frequently moving in and out of the bathroom, the bathtub can be a great spot to hide the toast.

Trick 7: Use the Toaster to Toast the Baby

  • While this tactic may seem risky, it’s actually quite effective. Simply position the baby near the toaster, and it will take just a few seconds to toast and win the game.

Trick 8: Use the Microwave to Toast the Baby

  • If you can’t get near the toaster, the microwave can be an effective tool to toast the baby.

Trick 9: Hide the Toast in the Cabinet

  • Placing the toast in a cabinet is an effective way of hiding it from the daddy since he doesn’t normally look in there.

Trick 10: Use the Coffee Maker to Toast the Baby

  • Similar to the microwave, the coffee maker can be used to toast the baby in just a few seconds.

Trick 11: Use the Countertop to Hide the Toast

  • If it’s too risky to use a drawer, sink, or cabinet, simply place the toast on the countertop where the daddy is less likely to look.

Trick 12: Hide the Toast in the Closet

  • If you’re lucky, there may be a closet in the game where you can hide the toast. Keep an eye out for it!

Trick 13: Place the Toast on the High Shelf

  • If there’s a shelf in the room, placing the toast on the highest point can be an effective way to keep it out of the daddy’s reach.

Trick 14: Use the Alarm Clock to Distract the Daddy

  • If the daddy is giving you a hard time, drop an alarm clock far from your current location to make him move, giving you some time to grab the toast.

Trick 15: Use the TV to Distract the Daddy

  • Similarly to the alarm clock, turn on the TV, and the daddy will be distracted, giving you a window to grab the toast and head to the toaster.

Trick 16: Place the Toast on the Bed

  • Placing the toast on the bed is another easy way to keep it out of the daddy’s reach, giving you some time to get to the toaster.

Trick 17: Hide the Toast in the Laundry Hamper

  • The laundry hamper is also an effective hiding spot since the daddy doesn’t usually look inside.

Trick 18: Use the Blender to Hide the Toast

  • If there’s a blender in the room, place the toast inside to keep it safe.

Trick 19: Place the Toast on the Window Sill

  • The window sill is another high point in the room, making it an effective hiding spot.

Trick 20: Use the Computer to Distract the Daddy

  • Finally, turn on the computer, and the daddy will be distracted, making it easier for you to grab the toast and escape.

These 20 foolproof tricks will help you get your toast baby to the toaster without being caught by the daddy. Always remember, stay calm, stay focused, and don’t give up if you don’t win the first time.