5 Easy Tips for Safely Removing Objects from Your Baby’s Eye


The safety and health of your baby is of utmost importance as a parent. However, accidents can happen, and objects may get into your baby’s eyes. In such instances, it is important to remove the object safely to prevent further damage to the eye. In this article, we have prepared five easy tips to help you remove objects from your baby’s eye safely.

Why is it important to remove objects from your baby’s eye?

Objects that get into your baby’s eye can cause irritation, discomfort, and pain. If left unaddressed, they may escalate into more severe damage, resulting in infections or loss of vision.

Proper and timely removal of the object can help prevent the above outcomes, so it’s essential to know how to go about it safely.

The five easy tips for safely removing objects from your baby’s eye include:

  • Stay calm. Babies are very sensitive to their surrounding environment, and they can quickly pick up on your emotions. Staying calm will help keep the baby relaxed and still, increasing your chances of removing the object safely.
  • Hold the baby still. A baby’s natural reaction to discomfort is to move around or rub their eyes. Try holding your baby’s head still, or asking someone to assist you to keep the baby’s head steady as you remove the object.
  • Flush with water. Flushing the eye with clean water can help remove small objects. Use a clean cup of water or a sterile saline solution to flush the eye gently from the inner corner to the outer corner. You can also use an eye dropper or a syringe without the needle to flush the eye.
  • Use clean and sterile equipment. For stubborn objects or if the eye is swollen, you may need to use equipment like tweezers, eye spuds, or a cotton swab with a gentle touch. Ensure that the equipment is clean and sterile to avoid introducing bacteria into the eye and causing infection.
  • Seek medical help if necessary. If you can’t remove the object safely, or if the eye is swollen or irritated, seek medical help immediately. A medical professional can examine the eye and remove the object safely or prescribe medication accordingly.


Removing objects from your baby’s eyes requires skill, patience, and care. As a parent, using our five easy tips can help you remove the object safely and prevent accidents. Remember always to seek medical attention if you’re not sure about removing the object yourself.