5 Easy Ways to Safely Remove Hair From Your Baby’s Eye



Keeping your baby’s eyes free from hair is important to prevent potential dangers. Hair in your baby’s eye causes irritation and infection, which could lead to serious eye diseases. The common causes of hair in your baby’s eyes are their own hair or a parent’s hair during cuddling or feeding.

Method 1: Tissue and Water

The easiest and most natural way to remove hair from your baby’s eye is to use a clean tissue or cloth dipped in warm water. Gently wipe the hair away from the eye.

Method 2: Blowing Air

You can also use a blow dryer or handheld fan to blow air in the direction of the hair to make it move away from your baby’s eye.

Method 3: Use Eye Drops

Eye drops can help lubricate the eye and make it easier to remove the hair. Apply a few drops to the affected eye, and gently remove the hair with the use of a clean tissue or cloth.

Method 4: Tweezers

If the hair is still in your baby’s eye, gently lift the hair using sterilized tweezers and pull it away from the eye. Be sure not to touch your baby’s eye with the tweezers.

Method 5: Seek Professional Help

If you are unable to remove the hair on your own, seek help from a healthcare professional. They will use specialized equipment to remove the hair safely and effectively.


Ensuring that your baby’s eyes are free from hair is crucial to their health and safety. Use the methods outlined above to remove hair safely and prevent harm to your baby’s eyes. Remember, if you are unable to remove the hair safely or effectively, seek professional help immediately.