5 Easy Ways to Safely Remove Something from Your Baby’s Eye


As a parent, keeping your baby safe is always the top priority. One of the most important parts of baby safety is protecting their eyes. Young children are prone to getting things stuck in their eyes, whether it be a grain of sand or a tiny toy. Knowing how to safely remove something from your baby’s eye is crucial. Below are five easy ways to ensure your baby’s eye safety and properly remove any foreign objects from their eyes.

Signs that your baby has something in their eye

Before taking any action, it is important to first determine if your baby has something in their eye. Look for signs such as excessive blinking, redness, tearing, and rubbing of the eyes. If you notice any of these symptoms, it is likely that something is in your baby’s eye and needs to be removed.

5 easy ways to safely remove something from your baby’s eye

A. Wash with clean water

The easiest and most common way to remove something from your baby’s eye is to rinse it with clean water. Tilt your baby’s head to the side and use a small cup or syringe to pour lukewarm water over their eye. The water will flush out any debris that may be stuck in their eye.

B. Blinking and tearing

Blinking and tearing are natural defense mechanisms for the eyes. Encourage your baby to blink and tear naturally. This movement may be enough to dislodge a small particle or object from their eye. You can also gently massage the area around their eye to stimulate tear production.

C. Use a damp cotton swab or clean cloth

If you can see the object in your baby’s eye, you may be able to remove it using a damp cotton swab or clean cloth. Be sure to use a new, sterile swab or cloth and avoid touching their eye with your fingers. Gently wipe the object away from the eye, being careful not to press too hard.

D. Use eye drops or saline solution

If your baby’s eye is irritated or appears red, you may want to use eye drops or saline solution. This can help to flush out any debris and soothe the eye. Be sure to use drops specifically for babies and follow the instructions carefully. If the irritation persists, contact your pediatrician.

E. Seek medical attention if necessary

If you are unable to remove the object from your baby’s eye or if your baby appears to be in pain, seek medical attention immediately. Your pediatrician or an eye doctor will be able to safely and effectively remove any debris from your baby’s eye.


Ensuring your baby’s eye safety is crucial to their overall health and wellbeing. By knowing the signs, and the proper steps to take to safely remove something from their eye, you can avoid any potential complications. Remember to always seek medical attention if needed, and to consult with your pediatrician if you have any concerns.