5 Expert Tips to Dominate as the Baby in Who’s Your Daddy’s Toast Challenge



Who’s Your Daddy is a popular game that requires players to take on the role of either a baby or an overly concerned father. The game expects the baby players to complete various challenges, including the Toast Challenge, where they have to destroy eight pieces of toast while avoiding the father’s watchful eye. But, this can prove to be a difficult task, and that’s why we have compiled five expert tips to help you dominate as the baby in Who’s Your Daddy’s Toast Challenge.

Tips to Dominate as the Baby in Who’s Your Daddy’s Toast Challenge

1. Use distractions

One of the easiest ways to complete the Toast Challenge is to distract the father. Babies can use several tactics to draw the father’s attention, like turning on the TV, turning off the dad’s sharp hearing, and making a noise when he is nearby. The goal is to distract the father so that he will not be paying attention to the baby as they destroy the toast.

2. Hide in unusual places

Another strategy to dominate the Toast Challenge is to hide in unusual places where the dad won’t think to look. These might include inside an oven or a washing machine, underneath a bed, or behind a painting. Hiding in unexpected places can help the baby to evade the father’s watchful eye and increase the chances of completing the challenge.

3. Be fast and efficient

The Toast Challenge has a time limit, so babies need to be fast and efficient in their actions. It’s better to focus on breaking the toast pieces, rather than trying to knock over books or toys, which might draw the father’s attention. Other actions to reduce time include crawling instead of walking, shortcutting rooms, and knowing in advance where the toaster is located.

4. Collaborate with other babies

Collaborating with other babies is another tactic to dominate the Toast Challenge. Working together can help the babies distract or confuse the dad, allowing them to complete the challenge quickly. For example, if one baby is distracting the dad, another can sneak in to break the toast. Effective collaboration requires proper communication and strategy.

5. Practice and experiment

It takes time and practice to become an expert in Who’s Your Daddy’s Toast Challenge. Experimenting with different tactics will help you determine what works for you and what doesn’t. Practice can help you improve your speed, accuracy, and teamwork. Mastery of each tip will make completing the Toast Challenge a breeze.


The Toast Challenge in Who’s Your Daddy can be frustrating, especially when you’re a baby player. However, following these five expert tips will guarantee you a win. Whether it’s using distractions, hiding in unusual places, being fast and efficient, collaborating with other babies, or practicing, always remember that mastering each strategy is imperative to your success. Give it a try, and let the toast-fighting begin!