5 Quick and Safe Ways to Remove Hair from Your Baby’s Eye


Seeing your baby with a strand of hair in their eye can be distressing, especially if they cry or rub their eyes in discomfort. As a parent, it’s crucial to remove the hair promptly and safely to avoid any injury or irritation to the sensitive eye area. Here are five quick and safe ways to remove hair from your baby’s eye.

Use clean and damp cloth

One of the simplest ways to remove hair from your baby’s eye is to wipe it gently with a clean and damp cloth. Make sure the cloth is soft and free of any dirt, debris, or chemicals that could scratch or harm the eye or the skin around it. You can use plain water or a saline solution to dampen the cloth and dab it delicately on the hair, trying to drag it away from the eye rather than towards it. If the hair is stubborn, you may need to repeat the process a few times until it comes off.

Use cotton swabs or buds with caution

Although cotton swabs or buds may seem like a practical solution to remove hair from your baby’s eye, they can also pose a risk of pushing the hair closer to the eye or penetrating the ear canal if not used carefully. If you decide to use cotton swabs or buds, choose ones with a small and gentle tip and moisten them first with water or saline. Then, hold your baby’s head steady and swipe the swab or bud gently along the hair, but never poke it into the eye or press it harshly against the skin. Don’t reuse the swab or bud on the same eye or transfer it to the other eye, as this can spread bacteria or infection.

Use baby oil or petroleum jelly

Another way to loosen hair from your baby’s eye is to apply a small amount of baby oil or petroleum jelly around the hairline or the affected area. The oil or jelly acts as a lubricant that reduces friction and enables the hair to slip off more easily. Be careful not to apply too much or get it into your baby’s eye, as this can cause blurry vision or eye irritation. After you apply the oil or jelly, wait for a few minutes for it to settle and then use a cloth or swab to remove the hair.

Visit a professional if the hair is difficult to remove

If the hair is deeply embedded in the eye or too tricky to remove with the above methods, it’s best to seek the help of a medical professional, such as a pediatrician, an ophthalmologist, or a nurse. They have the tools and expertise to remove the hair without harming your baby’s eye or causing pain or trauma. Don’t attempt to remove the hair forcefully or aggressively, as this can lead to corneal abrasion, infection, or other eye problems.


Removing hair from your baby’s eye is a quick and safe process if done with care and attention. Remember to use a clean and damp cloth, cotton swabs or buds with caution, baby oil or petroleum jelly as a lubricant, and seek professional help if needed. By keeping your baby’s eye free of hair, you not only relieve their discomfort but also protect their vision and overall health.