5 Simple Methods for Removing Hair from Your Baby’s Eyes



Taking care of a newborn is a careful and delicate task. One of the most challenging aspects is keeping your baby’s eyes free from hair, which can cause irritation and discomfort. Removing hair from your baby’s eyes can be a daunting task that requires patience and precision. In this article, we will explain five simple methods that you can use to remove hair from your baby’s eyes without hurting them.

Method 1: Tweezers

The first, and perhaps the easiest, method of removing hair from your baby’s eyes is tweezers. Ensure that the tweezers are clean and sterilized before using them. Sit your baby in a comfortable position and gently pull the strand of hair that’s causing the problem with the tweezers. Try to avoid tugging on the hair too roughly, as this can cause pain to your baby.

Method 2: Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly is another excellent method for removing hair from your baby’s eyes. Use a clean cloth or cotton swab to apply the petroleum jelly on the hair. Wait for a few minutes until the hair softens, then gently remove it with a tissue. Be sure to wipe away any petroleum jelly from your baby’s eye after removing the hair.

Method 3: Brush

A soft-bristled brush or a clean mascara wand can also be used to remove hair from your baby’s eyes. Use the brush to gently move the hair away from your baby’s eye in a downward motion until it is no longer in contact with the eye. Be sure to clean the brush after each use to avoid bacteria build-up.

Method 4: Warm Water

Warm water can be used to loosen the hair that’s stuck to your baby’s eye. Dip a clean cloth in warm water and gently press it against your baby’s eye. Be cautious not to use too much pressure on your baby’s eye. You can also use saline solution instead of warm water.

Method 5: Olive Oil

Olive oil can also be used to remove hair from your baby’s eyes. Apply a small drop of olive oil on your baby’s hair and let it rest for a few minutes before gently removing the hair with a tissue or clean cloth.


Removing hair from your baby’s eyes requires patience, precision, and a gentle touch. It’s crucial to ensure that you don’t cause your baby any discomfort during the process. These five methods are easy to apply and provide a safe and gentle way to remove hair from your baby’s eyes. With enough practice, you will find the technique that works best for you and your baby.