5 Simple Methods to Remove Hair from Your Baby’s Eye


Having hair trapped in your infant’s eye can be a challenging and unpleasant experience. Not only can it cause irritation and discomfort for your baby, but it can also lead to infections if it is not dealt with promptly. Fortunately, there are straightforward and quick methods for removing hair from your baby’s eyes. Here are some of the most reliable techniques to try.

Method 1: Using a Clean Damp Cloth

One of the simplest and most effective ways of removing hair from your baby’s eye is by using a clean and damp cloth. Begin by wetting a clean and soft washcloth, then lightly wipe the cloth over the hair around the baby’s eye. Make sure to move gently, as you do not want to touch the eye or cause more discomfort. After removing the hair, clean the area around the eye with the damp cloth.

Method 2: Using Baby Oil

Baby oil is another excellent method for removing hair from your baby’s eye. To do this, put a small amount of the oil onto a cotton swab or your clean finger. Apply it directly to the hair in a circular motion before gently rubbing the hair until it falls out. Wipe away any residual oil with a clean cloth.

Method 3: Using a Fine-Toothed Comb or Brush

To avoid using chemicals on your baby’s skin, you can also use a soft fine-toothed comb or brush to remove hair. First, make sure the brush or comb is clean and dry. Then, use the tool to gently comb through the hair around the baby’s eye area until the hair falls off or can be removed with a cloth.

Method 4: Using a Warm Compress

You can use a warm washcloth to remove hair from your baby’s eye by following these steps: warm a washcloth to a comfortable temperature, hold it over the eye to loosen the hair, and then gently remove it with a clean and soft cloth. This method is particularly successful if the hair has become entangled or twisted.

Method 5: Seeking Professional Help

If the hair remains stubborn and difficult to remove, it might be time to seek professional help. Optometrists or pediatricians can help remove hair caught behind the eyelid safely. Moreover, they can check your baby’s eye for any infection or irritation caused by the trapped hair.


With these simple and safe methods, you can remove hair caught in your baby’s eye without causing discomfort or harm. Remember to always use clean tools, move slowly and steadily, and never put your baby’s eye at risk of harm. Keeping your baby’s eyes free from hair will contribute to maintaining their health and well-being.