5 Simple Techniques to Keep Hair Out of Your Baby’s Eyes


As cute as it is to see your baby with a head full of hair, it can also be quite frustrating when that hair gets into their eyes. It can cause irritation, discomfort and even make it difficult for them to see properly. Here are 5 easy and effective techniques to keep your baby’s hair away from their eyes:

1. Headbands

Headbands are a great way to keep hair out of your baby’s face. They come in all different colors, patterns and materials, and can be adjusted to fit comfortably on your baby’s head. Headbands are not only functional but fashionable and can be found at most baby stores.

2. Hair Clips

Hair clips are another great option for keeping hair out of your baby’s eyes. While traditional hair clips may be too big and heavy for your baby’s delicate hair, there are smaller options specifically designed for infants that won’t pull or tug on their hair.

3. Tiny Braids

If your baby has longer hair, tiny braids can be a great way to keep it out of their eyes. This technique not only keeps hair away from the face but can also add a cute and unique style to your baby’s hair.

4. Top Knots

For babies with enough hair to create a top knot, this is a great option to keep hair out of their face. Top knots are easy to create, and you can use a small elastic band to hold it in place. Not only will a top knot keep hair out of your baby’s eyes, but it can also keep them cooler in hot weather.

5. Hats

Hats are not only a great way to keep your baby’s hair out of their face but can also protect their delicate skin from the sun’s harmful rays. From baseball caps to sun hats, there are endless options to choose from to fit your baby’s style and needs.


Keeping your baby’s hair out of their eyes doesn’t have to be a challenge. By using one or more of these easy and effective techniques, you can ensure that your baby’s eyes are always clear and comfortable. Try out each method and see which one works best for your little one.