5 Simple Tips to Safely Remove Hair from Your Baby’s Eye


Babies have incredibly delicate skin, and their eyes are no exception. When a strand of hair gets stuck in their eye, it can be a painful and scary experience. But with the right approach, you can safely remove the hair without harming their eyes or causing unnecessary stress. Here are five simple tips to help you remove hair from your baby’s eye safely:

Tip #1: Stay Calm and Keep Your Baby Still

The first thing to remember is to stay calm. Your baby can sense your stress, and this can make things worse. Keeping your baby still during the process is also essential. You can try holding their head gently or wrapping them in a soft blanket to avoid any movements that might spread the hair around their eye.

Tip #2: Use a Clean and Soft Cloth

Using a clean and soft cloth to remove hair is crucial. Avoid using rough or dirty materials, as they can cause further irritations or infections. A clean, soft washcloth or cotton ball is ideal for gently wiping the hair away from your baby’s eye.

Tip #3: Use Saline Solution

If your baby’s hair is too stubborn, you can try using saline solution to loosen the hair. Saline solution is a safe and effective way of breaking down any debris clogging your baby’s eye. You can apply the solution gently, using an eye dropper or a clean cotton pad.

Tip #4: Use a Magnifying Glass and a Bright Light

Using a magnifying glass and a bright light can make it easier to locate and identify hair in your baby’s eye. Magnifying glasses offer a closer view of the eye, while bright lights can illuminate the hair, making it easier to remove. However, make sure to use the tools carefully and avoid shining the light directly into your baby’s eye.

Tip #5: Visit a Pediatrician if Necessary

If all else fails, or your baby’s eye appears red or swollen, it’s best to visit a pediatrician. A pediatrician can help remove hair safely and monitor your baby’s eye for any potential complications.


Removing hair from a baby’s eye is never an easy task, but with these five simple tips, you can do it safely and stress-free. Remember to stay calm, use a clean and soft cloth, try saline solution, use a magnifying glass and a bright light, and seek professional help when necessary.