5 Simple Tricks to Keep your Baby’s Hair Away from their Eyes


As a parent, you’ll find that your baby’s hair is an ever-growing concern to manage. It can be difficult to maintain your baby’s hair, particularly when they are little and moving around regularly. One of the most significant challenges parents encounter is how to keep their baby’s hair away from their eyes. Fortunately, there are few strategies available that are effective, which don’t make your baby uncomfortable or irritate their scalp.

Traditional methods of keeping baby’s hair away from their eyes

There are a few traditional techniques for keeping your baby’s hair away from their eyes, and they include using hair clips and headbands. Using hair clips could not be the best idea for your baby, particularly if they dislike having their hair touched. Headbands are also useful, but there are certain types to steer clear of – those that cause uneasiness or are too tight can lead to bald patches on their scalp.

Here are 5 simple tricks to keep your baby’s hair away from their eyes:

1) Use a baby-friendly hair tie

A baby-friendly hair tie is generally bulky and marked with the words ‘baby-friendly.’ These bands are perfect as they are loose on your baby’s scalp and do not dig into the hair or the baby’s skin. Choose hair ties in pastel tones that are gentle and comfortable for your baby to wear.

2) Create a baby topknot

Babies with longer hair will appreciate doing the baby topknot. Gently push all of your baby’s hair to the top of their head, twist it into a tiny knot – secure it with a knot-friendly tie or a cute clip.

3) Blow-dry hair away from the face

This technique is ideal for older babies with longer hair. Use a round brush and a hairdryer to blow-dry your baby’s hair away from the face, concentrating specifically on the front bangs area. This fast and straightforward trick quickly keeps your baby’s hair away from their eyes.

4) Utilize baby hairspray or gel

If you have tried every possible trick and nothing seems to work, then baby hairspray and gel will be your best choice. Apply a small amount of baby-friendly hairspray or gel to your baby’s hair as needed to keep their hair out of their eyes.

5) Try a baby hairbrush and comb

If you’re battling to keep the hair out of your baby’s eyes, then try brushing and combing when their hair is dry. Use a baby hairbrush or comb to take down any knots, tangles, or curls that are blocking your baby’s eyesight.


We all like to keep our baby’s hair tangle-free and out of their eyes, but finding the right method is sometimes difficult. Utilize these five simple tricks to keep your baby’s hair away from their eyes – they are simple and effective solutions that cause no discomfort to your baby!