5 Tips for Dominating the Don’t Say Baby Game at your Next Baby Shower


If you’ve ever been to a baby shower, you’re likely familiar with the Don’t Say Baby Game. This classic party game involves guests trying to avoid saying the word “baby” for the duration of the shower in order to win a prize. While it may seem like a simple game, winning can be surprisingly challenging. To help you come out on top at your next baby shower, here are five tips for dominating the Don’t Say Baby Game.

Tip #1: Wear a Bold Accessory

One of the easiest ways to stand out during the game is to wear a bold accessory that catches guests’ attention. Consider wearing a flashing pin or an oversized necklace that everyone will notice. This can be especially effective if you’re sitting down, as guests are more likely to see your accessory than your head-to-toe outfit.

Tip #2: Strike Up Conversations

Another way to succeed at the Don’t Say Baby Game is to distract guests from the game itself. Strike up conversations with other guests and ask them about their interests or work. This can help them forget that they’re playing a game and decrease the likelihood of saying “baby.”

Tip #3: Strategically Place Yourself

When it comes to this game, location is key. Choose a spot in the room that’s away from high-traffic areas or distractions. You can also consider positioning yourself near the game’s organizer, who will likely be keeping an eye on who says “baby” and who doesn’t.

Tip #4: Utilize Visual Reminders

Use visual aids to help remind guests not to say “baby.” For example, you could create a sign using a popular baby name with a large “X” through it. Or, you could place baby-related items around the room, such as diapers or pacifiers, to act as reminders. The more visual cues guests have, the easier it will be for them to stay on track.

Tip #5: Be Confident and Play to Win

Finally, the most important thing is to go into the game with a competitive mindset. Be confident in your ability to win and don’t be afraid to use tricks, such as strategic pauses or leading conversations, to keep others on their toes. Remember, this game is all about having fun with your friends and family, so don’t take it too seriously!


By implementing these five tips, you’ll be well on your way to dominating the Don’t Say Baby Game at your next baby shower. Remember, the key is to be creative, strategic, and confident in your ability to win. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the time spent with loved ones.