a.b.a guilty gear strive


A.B.A Guilty Gear Strive

A.B.A (aka Anji Mito) is the latest entry to the Guilty Gear series and the first character to appear in the franchise as a downloadable character. In A.B.A you take control of the ancient soldier as she fights her way through battles in a world of dark magic and high tech gadgets.


A.B.A comes with a variety of moves to use in her arsenal. She is able to slash her way through opponents and is able to call upon her “Angel” partner to assist her with special moves. In addition, A.B.A has a unique ability to use “Gears” which provide her with extra strength and power.


  • Dynamic fighting system: A.B.A has a wide range of combo maneuvers to keep her opponents on their toes and keep the action intense
  • Angel Partner System: A.B.A can summon her partner at any time to lend her a hand and use special moves
  • Gear System: A.B.A can utilize powerful gears to increase her power and give her the edge she needs


A.B.A Guilty Gear Strive is an action-packed fighting game featuring a unique fighting system and dynamic character. Players can take control of the ancient soldier and battle their way through hordes of enemies. With her wide range of combo moves and special moves, A.B.A is sure to make short work of her opponents.