a.b.a. guilty gear


A Closer Look at the Animated Fighting Game A.B.A. Guilty Gear

A.B.A. Guilty Gear is a 3D animated fighting game developed by Arc System works. It is the sixth installment in the popular Guilty Gear series and was released in April 2019.

Game Modes

A.B.A. Guilty Gear offers a wide range of game modes, including:

  • Story Mode: In Story Mode, players take on the role of A.B.A. and her allies as they battle against an evil force known as the Daemon Army.
  • Score Attack Mode: In Score Attack Mode, players must face off against powerful computer-controlled opponents in order to achieve the highest score possible.
  • Training Mode: Training Mode lets players hone their skills against computer-controlled opponents without any restrictions.
  • Multiplayer Mode: Multiplayer Mode allows up to four players to battle against each other over a local connection.

Character and Combat System

A.B.A. Guilty Gear features a wide variety of characters, each with their own unique set of moves and abilities. The combat system is fast-paced and allows for an intense and thrilling experience. The controls are easy to learn and the game offers a variety of difficulty levels to suit all players.

Graphics and Sound

A.B.A. Guilty Gear’s graphics are detailed and colourful, with each character having their own unique design. The soundtrack is catchy and energetic, adding to the intensity of the battles. Overall, the game’s visuals and audio combine to create an immersive and exciting experience.


A.B.A. Guilty Gear is a fantastic 3D fighting game that offers an intense and thrilling experience. It features a wide selection of characters, easy-to-learn controls and a variety of game modes. The graphics and sound are also fantastic, creating an immersive and exciting experience.