Ace the Baby Shower Game: Tips for Winning the Don’t Say Baby Challenge!


When it comes to baby showers, one game that always seems to be a hit is the “Don’t Say Baby” challenge. The premise is simple: guests are not allowed to say the word “baby” for the duration of the shower. The first person to slip up and say “baby” loses.

Winning the “Don’t Say Baby” challenge can be a fun and exciting feat, and it’s a game that you definitely want to try to win. Here are some tips to help you ace the game and come out on top:

Cover Up!

To avoid accidentally saying “baby,” make sure to dress appropriately for the occasion. Avoid wearing clothes with baby-related designs or themes, and consider using accessories to cover up the word “baby,” such as wearing a scarf or putting on a hat. Additionally, be mindful of your language and try to steer clear of phrases that might contain the word “baby.”

Word Swaps

Instead of saying “baby,” come up with a list of creative word swaps to use. You could use nicknames for the baby, such as “peanut” or “little one.” Alternatively, you could try to think of words that have a similar meaning to “baby” and use those instead. Get creative and have fun with it!

Keep Your Mouth Busy

To keep yourself from slipping up, make sure to keep your mouth occupied. Hold a drink or snack in your hand, so you have something to focus on other than the game. Additionally, engage in conversation with other guests and play other games during the baby shower to keep your mind off the challenge.

Mind Over Matter

Finally, winning the “Don’t Say Baby” challenge requires a bit of mental fortitude. Focus on the prize and think about how awesome it would be to win. Avoid the urge to slip up by staying mindful of your language and remembering the rules of the game.

These tips should help you to ace the “Don’t Say Baby” challenge at your next baby shower. Remember to have fun and enjoy the event!