are the tren twins on gear


Are the Tren Twins On Gear?

The Tren Twins – Brian and Brandon Traywick – have become popular figures in the bodybuilding community. But there have been questions about whether their incredible physiques are natural, or if they’re using performance enhancing drugs to achieve their results.

The Case For Natural Gains

The Tren Twins have been vocal about the fact that they achieved their results without the use of performance enhancing drugs. They believe that their dedicated diet and training regime is the secret to their success. Here are some of the main points they make for natural gains:

  • They Started Young. The twins started their bodybuilding journey at the age of 16 and attribute their success to this early start.
  • They Have Background Knowledge. Both of the Tren Twins have degrees in nutrition and are very knowledgeable about how diet and exercise work together.
  • They Follow Consistency. The twins are sticklers for consistency, following their diet and training regimens religiously to keep their gains up.

The Case For Performance Enhancing Drugs

Despite the Tren Twins’ claims of natural gains, there are still some raised eyebrows in the bodybuilding community. Some point to the following as evidence that they may be taking performance enhancing drugs:

  • Rapid Gains. Although the twins have been bodybuilding for several years, they have seen impressive gains in a relatively short period of time.
  • Performance Boosters. The twins have been open about their use of supplements, such as pre-workout drinks, which could be masking the use of steroids.
  • Size. The twins are significantly bigger than most natural bodybuilders, which has caused some to question their methods.


Ultimately, the jury is still out on whether the Tren Twins are taking performance enhancing drugs or not. Despite their claims, without proof