Best Organic Baby Food Without Heavy Metals


Nutrition is crucial to a baby’s health and wellbeing. Organic baby food is popular because of its perceived benefits to health, such as being free of pesticides and artificial additives. Recent concerns over heavy metals like lead, arsenic and mercury found in baby food has caused parents to be very concerned. This article explores the best organic options for baby food that are both nutritious and free of heavy metals.

What are heavy metals?

The Earth’s crust contains heavy metals that can be toxic in low concentrations.

Heavy metals commonly found in foods include:

  • Lead Can cause behavioral problems, lower IQ and developmental issues in children.
  • Arsenic is linked to cancer and developmental problems.
  • Cadmium Can cause kidney and bone damage.
  • Mercury : Can affect the nervous system, and cognitive function.

Sources of heavy metals in baby food

There are many ways that heavy metals can get into baby food.

  • Contamination of Soil Crops are able to absorb heavy metals in soils and water that have been contaminated.
  • Processing equipment: Metals may leach out of machinery during manufacturing.
  • Packaging Some packaging materials can contain heavy metals which may leach into food.

How to choose safe organic baby food

Consider the following criteria when selecting organic baby foods to ensure that there is minimal heavy metal content.

  • Certified Organic : Verify that the product has been USDA certified organic. This means it is free of synthetic pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals.
  • Third Party Testing: Search for brands who conduct independent heavy metal testing and are transparent about the results.
  • Source your ingredients: Select brands that source their ingredients from regions known to be low in heavy metal contamination.
  • Manufacturing practices: Brands that have strict quality control and safe production practices are less likely than others to contain heavy metals.

Top Organic Baby Food brands without Heavy Metals

 Once Upon a Farm

Overview : Once Upon a Farm is a company that offers a variety of organic, cold-pressed baby food made with fresh ingredients. They do not use added sugars or preservatives.

Heavy Metal Test Once Upon a Farm tests for heavy metals by third parties and makes the results transparent. This ensures that their products meet strict safety standards.

Popular Products

  • Magic Velvet Mango : A mixture of mangoes and coconut milk with bananas.
  • Green Kale & Apples : A healthy mix of kale and apples with hemp seeds.

Why it’s Safe : Cold-pressing is a brand commitment that preserves nutrients, minimizes contamination and ensures safety.

 Serenity Kids

Overview : Serenity Kids is a company that focuses on high-quality, nutrient-dense baby food. It uses organic vegetables and meat sourced ethically. Their products provide balanced nutrition to growing babies.

Heavy Metal Test Serenity Kids tests its products for heavy materials and adheres to strict quality control measures.

Popular Products

  • Beef, Organic Kale & Sweet potato: Rich in vitamins and protein.
  • Wild Caught Salmon With Butternut Squash & Beet : Packed full of omega-3 fatty acid and antioxidants.

Why it’s Safe : The company places a high priority on clean sourcing, and thorough testing to ensure minimal heavy metals.


Overview : Yumi delivers organic, fresh baby food to your doorstep. They are designed by nutritionists to help support different stages of development.

Heavy Metal Test Yumi prioritizes transparency and conducts extensive heavy metal testing.

Popular Products

  • Spinach Apple Broccoli : A green mixture rich in iron and vitamin.
  • Blueberry Chia Pudding : A fiber-rich and antioxidant-packed treat.

Why it’s safe: Yumi uses fresh organic ingredients and rigorous testing protocols to reduce heavy metal contamination.

 Little Spoon

Overview: Little Spoon offers organic purees for baby food that are tailored to the age and nutritional requirements of your child. Their products are made with fresh ingredients that do not contain GMOs and no preservatives.

Heavy Metals Testing Little Spoon tests their products with third parties to ensure they are free of harmful heavy metals.

Popular Products

  • Sweet Potato Apple Red Bell Pepper : A blend rich in vitamins A and.
  • Quinoa Banana Blueberry : A protein and fiber-rich option for growing infants.

Why it’s Safe : The brand is committed to using fresh, organic ingredients. They also conduct rigorous testing.

Happy Family Organics

Overview : Happy Family Organics provides a variety of organic baby food, including purees and puffs. They place a high priority on organic farming and sustainability.

Heavy Metal Test: Happy Family Organics adheres to strict standards of quality and tests all products for heavy-metals.

Popular Products

  • Sweet Potatoes A simple puree made with only one ingredient.
  • Bananas with Raspberries and Oats – A healthy breakfast blend.

Why it’s safe: The commitment of the company to transparency and quality assurance ensures that their products are nutritious and safe.

How to Reduce Heavy Metals in Baby Food

 Diversify Your Baby’s Diet

To minimize the risk, offer a variety fruits, vegetables and grains.

 Homemade Baby Food

You can control the ingredients, preparation and storage of baby food by making it at home. Reduce contamination by using organic produce and drinking clean water.

Check product labels

  • Search for brands who test for heavy metals and provide transparent reports of their findings.

Avoid high-risk foods

  • Arsenic levels are higher in rice and rice-based products. Choose other grains such as oats or barley.

The conclusion 

It is important to ensure that your baby’s diet is safe. Choosing organic baby food free of heavy metals will give you peace of mind. Once Upon a Farm is a leading brand in offering safe and nutritious options for your child. Other brands include Yumi, Little Spoon and Happy Family Organics. You can give your baby a healthy start to life by being selective and informed.