Beware: Baby’s Breath Could Invade Your Garden!



Beware: Baby’s Breath Could Invade Your Garden!

Baby’s breath (Gypsophila paniculata) is a common garden flower, but it can also become an invasive species if not managed properly. If you’re considering adding baby’s breath to your garden, there are a few things you should know before you do.

What is Baby’s Breath?

Baby’s breath is a small, white flowering plant that is native to Europe and Asia. It has become popular in gardens around the world due to its delicate beauty and low maintenance requirements.

Why is Baby’s Breath Considered Invasive?

Baby’s breath is considered an invasive species because it has the ability to spread quickly and out-compete native plants. It is also difficult to remove once it has taken hold in an area.

How to Prevent Baby’s Breath From Becoming Invasive in Your Garden

  • Only plant baby’s breath in areas where it won’t spread to other areas of your garden.
  • Regularly check for signs of baby’s breath spreading.
  • Keep the area around baby’s breath clear of weeds and other plants.
  • Cut back the baby’s breath flower heads before they go to seed.
  • If the baby’s breath does spread, remove it promptly to prevent it from taking over your garden.


Baby’s breath can be a beautiful addition to your garden, but it is important to be aware of the potential for it to become an invasive species. With proper management, you can enjoy the beauty of baby’s breath without worrying about it taking over your garden.