Beware: Baby’s Breath May Be Taking Over Your Garden


Beware: Baby’s Breath May Be Taking Over Your Garden

If you’re a gardener, you may have noticed that baby’s breath is taking over your garden. This is a common problem for many gardeners, as baby’s breath is an invasive species that can quickly spread throughout your garden. Here are some tips for controlling baby’s breath in your garden:

1. Remove the Plant

The first step in controlling baby’s breath is to remove the plant from your garden. This can be done by pulling up the plant and its roots, or by using a shovel to dig up the entire plant. Be sure to dispose of the plant properly, so that it doesn’t spread to other areas of your garden.

2. Use Mulch

Once you’ve removed the baby’s breath from your garden, you can use mulch to prevent it from growing back. Mulch helps to smother the baby’s breath and prevent it from spreading. Make sure to spread the mulch thickly over the area where the baby’s breath was growing.

3. Plant Other Plants

Another way to control baby’s breath is to plant other plants in the area. This will help to crowd out the baby’s breath and keep it from spreading. Try to choose plants that are native to your area, as they will be better suited to the local environment.

4. Use Herbicides

In some cases, it may be necessary to use herbicides to control baby’s breath. Be sure to follow the instructions on the herbicide carefully, and only use it in areas where it won’t harm other plants.

5. Monitor the Area

Finally, it’s important to monitor the area where the baby’s breath was growing. Keep an eye out for any new growth, and take steps to remove it immediately.

Baby’s breath can be a nuisance in your garden, but with the right steps, you can control it and keep it from taking over your garden. By removing the plant, using mulch, planting other plants, using herbicides, and monitoring the area, you can keep your garden safe from the invasive baby’s breath.