can a baby tell if your pregnant



Can a Baby Tell If You’re Pregnant?

Motherhood is an amazing part of life that can be shared with loved ones. But what about before the baby is born? Can babies tell if you are pregnant?

Babies & Recognizing Pregnant Mothers

In a study conducted with newborns and expecting mothers, researchers found that babies can recognize their mother’s scent even before they are born. Before the babies were born, the expecting mothers wore a shirt every night for a week. Once the babies were delivered, they were presented with the shirt they wore during their pregnancy as well as a shirt worn by an unrelated woman. Babies would exhibit more positive behaviors like being quieter or more alert when presented with their mother’s shirt, compared to the other shirt.

Unconscious Responses

In the same study, researchers conducted a different experiment with the expecting mothers. They measured their heart rate, skin temperature, and activity before, during, and after their baby’s movements. The results showed significant changes in the mothers when their babies were moving, suggesting that babies can perceive their mother’s movements, even before they are born.

Building Bonds

Experts believe that babies can recognize their mother’s pregnancy from a young age. This recognition helps babies build a bond with their mothers even before they are born, helping them feel safe, comfortable, and secure once they are born.

A Unique Connection

The bond between mother and baby is a unique connection that starts even before birth. Research shows that babies can recognize their mother’s scents and movements while they are still in the womb, helping create a connection that can last a lifetime.

How to Build a Bond Before Birth

    • Bonding Activities: Do peaceful activities like reading or playing music, meditating, or cuddling with a pet.


    • Stimulating Movements: Talk to your bump and caress your belly to stimulate any movements from your baby.


    • Encourage Interactions: Maintain eye contact with others and encourage interactions that will help form relationships with your baby.


    • Keep a Positive Mindset: Stay positive and think about things that make you feel safe and happy.


Building a connection with your baby even before they are born takes time and effort, but the reward is amazing. A strong bond can help your little one feel secure, comfortable, and surrounded by a loving environment when they arrive.