can babies eat pizza at 9 months


Can Babies Eat Pizza At 9 Months?

It can be hard to know which foods to introduce when your baby is ready to start solids. Feeding your little one pizza is an enticing option, but you may have questions about when it’s safe to offer this food.

When is pizza safe for babies?

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) advises not to give your baby any whole pieces of food until they’re at least 6 months old. Up until then, continue offering your baby purees and very soft foods such as mashed vegetables, fruit, and grains.

When your baby is ready for more coarse textured foods, you can start incorporating finger foods, such as crackers and bits of cooked vegetables. Foods with more salt and sugar, like pizza, should be withheld until closer to or after their first birthday.

At 9 months, your baby may be ready to explore some of these tougher foods, including small pieces of pizza. To start, cut the pizza into very small pieces and offer it as part of a meal. As your baby works on those skills, they’ll be able to handle bigger pieces.

What type of pizza should I offer?

When incorporating pizza into your baby’s diet, opt for a version featuring minimally processed ingredients like:

  • Multi-grain crust for extra fiber and nutrients
  • Lean meats like chicken, turkey, or ham
  • Fresh vegetables like tomatoes, mushrooms, or spinach
  • Low-fat cheese for extra calcium

Regular pizza made with refined white flour crust, fatty meats, and high-sodium toppings, should not be a regular part of your baby’s diet. Offer these versions as an occasional treat to balance the other meals your baby enjoys.

Serving recommendations

Take care to ensure any pizza you give your baby has cooled completely before offering. Cutting the pizza into small pieces also helps prevent choking hazards. When you’re done, don’t forget to clean the highchair and wash your baby’s hands with soap and water.


Introducing pizza to your baby can be a fun, nutritious meal for them to explore. To ensure the safest experience for your little one, avoid offering regular pizza until your baby is closer to their first birthday. After that, examine the ingredients used to make the pizza and feed them during mealtimes. Doing this will help create healthy habits and a positive relationship with food for your growing baby.