can babies sense evil



Can Babies Sense Evil?

It’s a common notion that babies are particularly sensitive to an evil presence in the environment. Many parents may feel that their babies can pick up on vibes of danger, or even can sense “evil” around them. So, can babies really sense evil?

Factors To Consider

The truth is, there’s no hard evidence to support that babies have any special sixth sense. However, there are a few factors to consider in order to more accurately assess the situation:

    • Sensory Perception: Babies are extremely sensitive to their environment. They are often in tune to subtle changes in the sense of touch, sound, and sight which means they can recognize if something is out of the ordinary.
    • Empathic Ability: Babies are also very empathic. This means that they may be able to sense any kind of negative emotions that parents or other adults might have, even if they are not outwardly showing them.
    • Imaginary Fears: It’s also possible that babies may pick up on unknownor “imagined” fears, since they do not have the same level of experience or understanding of the world as adults do.



In conclusion, there is no definitive evidence that babies can sense evil, but there are some factors which suggest that babies may be in tune to their environment in a special way. It could be that babies are particularly good at picking up on subtle vibes that something is “not right,” giving them the feeling of fear. Although, some parents may swear that their babies have a sixth sense for evil, this is likely just their intuition as parents, rather than any supernatural powers.