can babies sense when a woman is pregnant


Can Babies Sense When a Woman is Pregnant?

During their first year of life, babies experience amazing and remarkable changes. So, it’s normal to think that babies can sense when someone is pregnant. Let’s explore the possible mechanisms for this.

Hormonal Changes

The increased levels of the hormones estrogen and progesterone during pregnancy cause scent, taste, and temperature changes, as well as fluctuations in blood pressure. Babies may be able to sense these changes at a subliminal level, especially during breastfeeding. They may even be able to detect high levels of stress or excitement that are common during pregnancy.


Babies are quick to develop a strong bond with their caregivers. They may recognize the pregnant woman instinctively almost as soon as the pregnancy begins, just like they would recognize the smell of a mother’s milk.


Babies are surprisingly observant creatures. They may be able to detect subtle physical changes in a pregnant woman that would not be possible with an adult. These changes may include changes in body size, behavior, and even expression.

The Bottom Line

It is hard to say definitively if babies can sense when a woman is pregnant, but evidence does suggest there may be a connection. Even if it is not biological, it is likely an emotional bond that forms between a mother and baby even before birth.

Based on the evidence, here are some possible ways that a baby may sense when a woman is pregnant:

  • Hormonal changes – Increased levels of hormones can be sensed at a subliminal level.
  • Familiarity – Babies may recognize the pregnant woman instinctively.
  • Observation – Babies can detect subtle physical changes in a pregnant woman.

Overall, more research is needed to better understand the mechanisms involved in babies sensing pregnancies.