can babies smell their dad


Can babies smell their dad?

The answer is yes! Babies not only recognize their father’s scent, they develop an innate preference for it.

How Babies Smell Their Fathers

We know that babies can recognize and differentiate between the familiar smell of mom and dad just one day after birth. In one study, newborns were exposed to the scent of each of their parents. Babies showed a greater preference for their father’s scent than those of strangers, showing just how strong the bond between parents and their child is.

What Do Babies Gain From Smelling Their Dad?

The scent from mom and dad helps to create a bond between baby and parents. It also helps babies to:

  • Calm Crying: Fathers often rely on their familiar scent and voice to help soothe their crying babies.
  • Encourage Smiling and Laughing:When babies smell their parents, it creates a safe and secure environment that encourages smiles and giggles.
  • Promote Comfort: Baby’s recognize their father’s scent as one of safety and comfort, which helps them feel secure and loved.

By recognizing their dad’s scent, babies also get to know them better and form a stronger bond. This bond is critical for babies to thrive and develop healthy relationships.