can bush baby kill human being


Can Bush Baby Kill Human Being?

The bush baby, also known as galagos, is a small primate native to Africa. They are known to be playful and inquisitive animals. But can these adorable primates be dangerous to humans?

What Are Bush Babies?

Bush babies, or galagos, are small primates that can grow up to 24-32 cm long with a 15-20 cm tail. Their primary diet consists of insects and fruit, but can also include small mammals, eggs, and nectar. They are mainly active at night and use their strong hind legs, long tails, and big eyes to move and jump around.

Do Bush Babies Pose a Danger to Humans?

Generally speaking, bush babies do not pose a threat to humans due to their size, but they can still bite if provoked. Additionally, some species of bush babies may carry parasites and diseases that can be transmitted to humans if bitten. However, it is unlikely that a bush baby could cause serious harm or even death in a human due to their small size and limited strength.


Bush babies may be cute and mischievous, but it is unlikely they will cause serious harm to humans. While they may bite if provoked, they generally do not have the strength or size to cause serious damage. Additionally, there is a low risk of transmitting parasites or diseases to humans if bitten by a bush baby.