can cats eat baby’s breath



Can Cats Eat Baby’s Breath?

It is important to be aware that while baby’s breath is not toxic to cats, it may still be dangerous for their health if ingested. Baby’s breath is a type of ornamental plant often used in floral arrangements and displays. While it may be fine for human consumption, cats should avoid this plant due to its potential to cause gastrointestinal issues.


Baby’s breath, often called gypsophila, contains a compound called saponin that can be toxic when ingested. If cats eat baby’s breath, they may experience:

    • Diarrhea


    • Vomiting


    • Lethargy


    • Abdominal Pain


In severe cases, cats may also experience respiratory distress and increased heart rate if they have ingested a large amount of baby’s breath. If your cat has eaten any baby’s breath and is displaying any of the above symptoms, it is important to contact your vet immediately for help.


The best way to prevent your cat from consuming baby’s breath is to keep it away from them. While this plant may look beautiful and is often used in home decor, cats may be tempted to eat it and it is best to avoid any potential hazards by keeping this plant out of their reach.

It is important to note that while baby’s breath is not toxic to cats, it can still be dangerous if ingested. If your cat has ingested any baby’s breath, contact your vet right away for help and guidance.