can dentist tell your parents if you vape



Can Dentist Tell if You Vape?

Vaping the use of e-cigarettes and other related devices has been surging in recent years, particularly among young adults. However, with this surge in popularity, many people may be wondering, can you get caught vaping by your dentist?

The simple answer is yes. Dentists are a key member of the health network, and they’re likely to be able to pick up signs of vaping.

How Dentists Can Tell You’ve Been Vaping

Dentists are experts in oral health and can often detect signs of vaping in an patient. Here are some of the ways dentists can determine if you’ve been vaping:

    • A Discoloured Tongue: Vaping changes the appearance and colour of the tongue, typically turning it a brownish-black hue. This discolouring is caused by the nicotine in the e-liquids. This effect could be noticed, especially if your tongue is usually a different colour.


    • Gritty Teeth: Certain e-liquids contain small particles of sugar, which can affect the enamel on teeth. This grittiness can be felt when running your tongue across your teeth following vaping.


    • Concerns About Quality Of Breath: The heated vapour produced by e-cigarettes can cause bad breath. Although not always the case, if you’re a regular vaper, you may notice that your breath is of a poorer quality. Your dentist can also pick up on this.


Can Dentist Tell Your Parents If You Vape?

If you’re a minor, then the answer to this is no. A dentist has no legal obligation or right to inform your parents if they believe you’ve been vaping.

However, dentists may suggest that you cut down on your vaping, which could lead to questions from your parents. If you’re a minor, we would always recommend being honest with your parents and dentists about your vaping habits.