can hear baby’s stomach gurgling while feeding



Is it Normal for Baby’s Stomach to Gurgle During Feeding?

Having a baby can be filled with worries and questions, one of which is whether your baby’s stomach gurgling is normal.

What Causes Stomach Gurgling?

Gurgling in your baby’s stomach is most commonly caused by the natural flow of air and liquid through the intestine. This happens when the stomach muscles contract and relax, squeezing and pushing food and liquid down.

Is Stomach Gurgling During Feeding Normal?

It is entirely normal to hear your baby’s stomach gurgling while they are feeding if they are breast or bottle-feeding. This can be a sign that the milk is moving through their digestive tract and being properly digested.

What are Other Reasons for Stomach Gurgling?

In addition to normal digestion, there are a few other reasons for your baby’s stomach to gurgle. These include:

    • Gas. Your baby may swallow air while feeding, which can cause a gurgling sound.


    • Bacterial overgrowth. Stomach acid can facilitate the growth of certain bacteria, causing stomach gurgling.


    • An intolerance or allergy to a food in your baby’s diet. This can cause stomach discomfort and gurgling.


What Should You Do if You Hear Gurgling?

If your baby’s stomach is gurgling, there’s no need to be alarmed. This is usually just a sign that their digestive system is working as it should. If your baby seems uncomfortable or has other intestinal symptoms, you may need to speak to your child’s healthcare provider.