can i blow in my baby’s mouth to clear nose



Can I Blow In My Baby’s Mouth To Clear Their Nose?

It’s very common for many parents to wonder if it is safe to blow gently into their baby’s nose or mouth in order to clear their nostrils. The answer is usually no.

Why Is It Dangerous?

Blowing into a baby’s mouth or nose can introduce bacteria or virus into the baby’s airways, which could lead to infection. Additionally, when trying to remove the blockage, the baby can be subjected to a high pressure at the back of their throat, which can cause damage to the tiny and sensitive tissues located there.

What Can I Do To Help My Baby?

Fortunately, there are a few safe ways to help clear your baby’s blocked nose:

    • Humidifier: A cool-mist humidifier can help to reduce the thickness of the mucus and make it easier to expel.


    • Saline Drops: A few drops of saline solution can help to break down the mucus and make it easier to clear.


    • Nasal Aspirator: Using a nasal aspirator in combination with saline drops can help to effectively remove mucus.


Clearing a blocked nose can be a lengthy and sometimes difficult process, but with patience and the right tools, you can help your baby get some relief and breathe more easily.