can i put breast milk in my baby’s eyes



Can I Put Breast Milk in My Baby’s Eyes?

Parents often turn to breast milk as a natural remedy for treating a host of different ailments. But can you put breast milk in your baby’s eyes, too?

What Is Breast Milk?

Breast milk is the natural, nutrient-rich milk produced by a mother for her newborn and growing baby. It helps keep the baby healthy and contains antibodies that protect against infection, harmful bacteria, and allergens in the environment.

Does Breast Milk Have Healing Properties?

Yes, breast milk does have healing properties. It is often used to treat common ailments such as:

    • irritated skin


    • sunburns


    • minor cuts and scrapes


    • sore throats


It is also believed to help treat some ear infections, diaper rashes and other skin conditions.

Can I Put Breast Milk in My Baby’s Eyes?

Breast milk can indeed be used to soothe and treat sore and infected eyes in babies. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of breast milk make it an ideal remedy for helping to treat conjunctivitis and other eye irritations. If your baby has a blocked tear duct, it is believed that breast milk can help to unblock it.

How Do I Put Breast Milk in My Baby’s Eyes?

To safely use breast milk to treat your baby’s eyes, take a few drops of freshly expressed breast milk and place it directly onto your baby’s closed eyelids. You can do this several times a day as needed, but always use freshly expressed breast milk to minimize the risk of infection.

It is important to remember that breast milk is not a miracle cure and cannot replace the care of a qualified medical professional. Therefore, if your baby is experiencing any more serious eye issues, it is important to consult your healthcare provider for the best course of treatment.

In conclusion, you can safely put breast milk in your baby’s eyes to soothe and treat minor eye irritations and infections. However, always consult your healthcare provider if the irritations persist or if your baby is experiencing any more serious eye issues.