can i sleep on my freestyle libre sensor


Can I Sleep With My Freestyle Libre Sensor?

Using the Freestyle Libre sensor can be a great way to track your glucose levels throughout the day. But, can you also sleep with the sensor?

The Basics

The Freestyle Libre sensor is a small device worn on your upper arm that measures glucose levels. It communicates with a reader that helps you track your levels throughout the day.

Can I Sleep with My Freestyle Libre Sensor?

Yes! You can sleep comfortably with your Freestyle Libre sensor. Here are some tips for getting the best sleep with your sensor:

  • Choose a comfortable spot to attach the sensor. Try to place the sensor where it won’t rub against your skin while you move in your sleep.
  • Ensure a snug fit. Make sure your sensor is properly attached to your body. If the sensor does not fit properly, it may not read accurately.
  • Avoid tight clothing. Tight-fitting clothing can interfere with the sensor’s readings. Wear loose-fitting clothing to your sleep and while you wear the sensor.
  • Keep the sensor clean. The sensor should be kept clean to avoid any irritations. If you start to feel any discomfort, contact your healthcare provider.

Your Freestyle Libre sensor should still work even when you are sleeping. As noted, be sure to keep the sensor clean and properly fitted, to get the best readings throughout the day and night.