can i squish my baby when bending over


Can I Squish My Baby When Bending Over?

If you are like many parents, you might worry about unexpectedly squishing your newborn baby while bending over– especially if your back has weakened in pregnancy. Luckily, the chances of actually accidentally squishing your baby are very small.

Structure of the Baby

A healthy baby is quite resilient and is able to define their space despite close contact. Your baby’s structure– tiny bones, head shape and small joints– prevents a parent from crushing their baby through normal movement.

Car Seats

Most car safety seats protect the baby from harm by enclosing them in a safe space, so when parents are getting in or out of the car, the baby is not at risk in anyways.

Bending Over

Bending over your baby while they are in a cot or lying flat on a surface should not cause any harm, but it is worth taking the following steps for added reassurance:

  • Check before moving: Make sure you check before you move to make sure your baby is not in your way.
  • Keep your posture straight: When bending over without checking, make sure you keep your posture straight and don’t lean on the baby.
  • Support their neck: Make sure their neck is supported as you lean over – either by your hands or a pillow.

Overall, parents should be reassured that bending over your baby should not harm them, as long as you take the necessary precautions and don’t actually lean on them.