can luffy beat naruto with gear 5


Can Luffy Beat Naruto With Gear 5?

The question of whether Luffy of One Piece could beat Naruto of Naruto with Gear 5 is an interesting one. Luffy has displayed incredible strength and durability even before his Gear 5 power-up and showed some impressive feats with his new form.

On the other hand, Naruto is an incredibly powerful ninja who is always getting stronger and can use a variety of jutsu and just be his former self, the Sage of Six Paths.

So, would Luffy be able to beat Naruto with Gear 5? Let’s look at some of the factors that might determine the outcome.

Luffy’s Gear 5 Abilities

Luffy is powerful enough to take on powerful opponents with Gear 5 activated. His most powerful move with this transformation is known as Tankman, which can devastate enemies in an instant.

Furthermore, Luffy can use Gear 5 to increase his speed and reach new levels of strength. This means he can hit harder and faster than ever before.

Naruto’s Abilities

Naruto is a skilled ninja and can use a variety of jutsu to overwhelm opponents. He can use acute sensing to locate and hit distant enemies instantly. He also has two powerful forms: Sage of Six Paths Mode and Nine-Tails Chakra Mode.

The former grants him enormous power and a range of special abilities, while the latter makes him almost invincible and can help him use powerful techniques.


Whether Luffy can beat Naruto with Gear 5 or not is a difficult question to answer. Luffy is certainly powerful and can use Gear 5 to increase his speed and reach new levels of strength, but Naruto is also very powerful and can use several powerful jutsu.

It’s hard to know who would come out the victor in a fight between the two, but one thing is certain: it would be an epic battle!