can my baby’s crib hold my weight


Will My Baby’s Crib Hold My Weight?

When you want to stay close to your baby while they sleep, it’s hard not to contemplate whether their crib will actually bear your weight. It’s understandable to want to snuggle up with a sleeping infant, and even to take a nap on the bed beside them. Before you do, here are a few points to consider.

Are the crib regulations in compliance

When purchasing a crib for your baby’s room, be sure to choose a model that comes with the latest safety guidelines in mind, such as the Safety Standards for Cribs and Cradles promoted by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association. This organization, actively monitors the products that are on the market, thus to ensure the safety of the babies, wherever they live.

Materials and construction

Cribs should be composed of strong materials that won’t easily break down under heavy loads. Solid wood and metal are the best options. Both should be equipped with non-toxic moisture barriers that can ward off the effects of moisture and humidity. Also, be sure to make sure all the screws, nuts and bolts are tight.

Weight Allowed

Each crib has its own weight limit. When buying a crib, make sure that you check the label or go online and read the product description to make sure that it can withstand your weight.

  • If your weight is greater than the manufacturer’s guidelines, it is not advisable to use the crib.
  • The weight allowed should be more than the weight of an adult.
  • The crib should be on a level surface when in use.

Although it may seem comforting to use your baby’s crib for a nap, it’s not the safest decision for either you or your baby. If you want to cozy up to your baby while they sleep, the best move is to use a couch or armchair. The sleeper must weigh less than the maximum allowed weight of the crib.