can you lay a baby down with hiccups


Can You Lay a Baby Down With Hiccups?

Hiccups are a common issue among babies, and it can be quite stressful for a parent to witness the discomfort they cause. It’s natural to want to help your baby feel better, and it’s possible to lay a baby down with hiccups. Here are a few suggestions for comforting a baby who hiccups:

Hold the Baby Upright

When a baby hiccups, the best way to soothe them is by holding them in an upright position. This helps the diaphragm relax, which can ease the hiccups.

Distract the Baby

Sometimes, simply distracting the baby can help ease their hiccups. Gently rock them and provide some toys as a way to take their mind off the hiccups.

Give them a Drink of Water or Milk

Having a drink of room temperature water or a bottle of breastmilk can help calm hiccups.

Pat or Rub their Back or Stomach

Patting or rubbing a baby’s back or stomach in a gentle, circular motion can help stimulate their diaphragm and relax the muscles.

Feeding Time

Sometimes, starting or continuing to feed the baby may ease the hiccups. The sucking motion helps calm babies and can be especially helpful for easing hiccups.

Check their Temperature

Make sure the baby’s not too hot or too cold. Unexpected drops or spikes in temperature may contribute to hiccups.

Check their Position

Babies naturally hiccup if they’re in a curled position. Try repositioning the baby if they’re sleeping in a curled position.

Non-Medical Remedies

When traditional methods don’t work, some parents turn to non-medical remedies to soothe their babies.

  • Making Silly Noises or Faces– Parents often distract their babies by making funny, silly noises or faces. This can take their mind off of their hiccups, and often help them to stop.
  • Holding the Breath– Some parents have found success in palming their baby’s face and holding it together. This presses the baby’s cheeks and makes them involuntarily hold their breath, which often stops the hiccups.
  • Making the Baby Laugh– Studies have proven that laughing can help with hiccups. Parents often try to make their children laugh with silly sounds and faces, or by tickling them.

In conclusion, it can be difficult to lay a baby down with hiccups, but these few suggestions may help ease their discomfort. If nothing else works, the hiccups should resolve on their own.