can you sleep on your side with a walking boot


Can You Sleep with a Walking Boot?

Sleeping with a walking boot can be tricky. Many people find their body is not comfortable in the boot and having it on for a long sleep is not possible. But with a few modifications, it is possible to sleep with a walking boot.

Advantages Of Sleeping With A Boot

Sleeping with a walking boot is beneficial if you have a foot injury that requires your foot to remain in the boot for the duration of the day. Leaving the boot on at night will help immobilize the injury and reduce the likelihood of causing further damage.

Disadvantages Of Sleeping With A Boot

Sleeping with a walking boot may cause discomfort as it is difficult to get comfortable with the boot on. Additionally, sleeping with a walking boot on can be difficult to manage body temperature, leading to hot and sweaty feet.

Tips for Sleeping in a Walking Boot

If you must sleep in a walking boot, it is important to consider the following steps for comfort and safety:

  • Wear Loose Socks – Loose socks will remove the pressure points from the boot so you do not risk pressure sores.
  • Sleep On Your Side – Sleeping on your side will reduce the pressure points against the walking boot.
  • Use Pillows – Using multiple pillows to prop up your leg will reduce strain on your foot and relieve some of the discomfort of the boot.

By following these tips, you can make sleeping with a walking boot more comfortable and safe. It is important to only wear the boot while sleeping if it is specifically recommended by your doctor.