can you take a baby on a cruise



Can You Take a Baby on a Cruise?

Taking a young baby on a cruise can be a rewarding and wonderful experience that creates happy memories that you can cherish. It can also be a risky or complicated experience if you’re not prepared. Whether or not you can or should take a baby on a cruise will depend on your willingness to accept some additional risk and the age of your baby.

Ages & Regulations

The minimum age for a child to travel aboard a cruise ship usually depends on the cruise line, but it is typically listed as 6 months and up. Infant security deposits are generally required for children under the age of 2. That is, a deposit of about $200 is required upon check-in that can be used for any damages, but is refunded upon check-out. Make sure to check the cruise line’s policies on infants before you book.

Risks & Preparation

Taking a baby on a cruise is not the same as taking one on a vacation. You should always be prepared for potential risks and things that might not go as planned. Here are some tips you should consider before taking a baby on a cruise:

  • Check with your doctor. Before any large-scale trip it is best to receive a check-up from your doctor and get their recommendation on travel.
  • Make reservations ahead. Advance reservations will ensure that your baby is comfortable throughout the journey, and you should make sure the cabin you select is child-friendly.
  • Bring enough supplies. Take everything you need for your baby, including diapers, food, clothing and toys.
  • Plan for any medical situation. It is important to have a plan for any medical emergency that may arise and to have a doctor on board with knowledge of your child’s medical history.

It is crucial to consider the risks of taking a baby on a cruise, but if you follow the proper steps and understand the guidelines set forth by the cruise line, the reward of taking a baby on a cruise can be truly special.