Confirmed: Zac is the father of Karen’s baby!


After weeks of speculation, it has been confirmed that Zac is indeed the father of Karen’s baby. The news was confirmed by Karen’s doctor, who conducted a paternity test.

The Confirmation

The paternity test results were received by Karen’s doctor last Wednesday. The doctor then called Karen to inform her of the results, which she then shared with Zac. Both parties were present in the doctor’s office when the results were shared.

The test was conducted when Karen was eight months pregnant. A small sample of the baby’s DNA was taken through a blood test, which was then compared to Zac’s DNA through a cheek swab. The test results showed a 99.9% probability that Zac was the father of the baby.

Zac’s Reaction

Zac was shocked and overwhelmed when he received the news. He initially had his doubts about the paternity of the baby, but he decided to undergo the test to confirm his suspicions. Now that it has been confirmed that he is the father, Zac is determined to step up and take responsibility for his child.

Zac plans to be fully involved in his child’s life, and has already started making plans to co-parent with Karen. He understands that there will be challenges ahead, but he is willing to put in the work to make it work.

Karen’s Reaction

While Karen was relieved to finally have confirmation of the baby’s paternity, she was also apprehensive about what the future holds. She and Zac were not in a committed relationship when she became pregnant, so there are still unresolved feelings between them.

Karen plans to take things one day at a time and focus on building a healthy co-parenting relationship with Zac. She understands the importance of putting their child’s needs first, and hopes that they can work through any issues that may arise as they raise their child together.


Now that the paternity of Karen’s baby has been confirmed, there is a sense of finality to the situation. While there may be challenges ahead for both Zac and Karen, they are committed to making the best out of their situation for the sake of their child.

It remains to be seen what the future holds for Zac and Karen, but one thing is for sure – their lives will be forever changed now that they are parents.