de queen health and wellness


What is De Queen Health and Wellness?

De Queen Health and Wellness is an innovative health and wellness concept designed to bring modern health solutions to the residents of the small town of De Queen, Arkansas. Aiming to use a holistic approach to health and wellness, this groundbreaking concept offers numerous amenities aimed at optimizing personal and community health.

The Amenities

De Queen Health and Wellness offers a wide range of health and wellness services that include:

  • Medical Clinic – A primary care clinic with physicians, nurse practitioners, and other medical professionals working collaboratively to serve both acute and chronic health needs.
  • Spa Services – A selection of spa services like massage, aromatherapy, and facials that are designed to promote relaxation and overall wellbeing.
  • Zumba Classes – Classes designed for a fun and effective way to help individuals stay in shape and decrease stress.
  • Nutrition Education – A nutrition education program designed to help individuals make healthy food and lifestyle choices that will help them reach their wellness goals.
  • Yoga – Yoga classes offered to promote flexibility, strength, and relaxation.

Why De Queen Health and Wellness?

The goal of De Queen Health and Wellness is to encourage good health by offering a holistic approach to health and wellness. By targeting physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing together, the concept prioritizes preventative health, which can in turn help residents save time and money on expensive medical treatments down the line.

At De Queen Health and Wellness, the focus is on providing the community with the services and tools they need to remain healthy, active, and balanced.