Destiny Sparks Pregnancy Rumors After Appearing with Shawn


Destiny Sparks Pregnancy Rumors After Appearing with Shawn

Destiny, an up-and-coming singer, has recently been seen in public with her boyfriend, Shawn. This has caused speculation that Destiny may be pregnant, due to her recent absence from the public eye and the fact that she was seen holding her stomach.

Rumors Started Circulating

Rumors began to circulate when Destiny was seen with Shawn, who was affectionately rubbing her stomach. People started to wonder if this was a sign that she was pregnant.

Destiny’s Response

Destiny has yet to comment on the matter, but she has been seen out and about in recent weeks, sparking further speculation.

Public Reactions

The public has been divided on the matter, with some fans believing that Destiny is pregnant and others believing that the rumors are unfounded.

What’s Next?

It remains to be seen if Destiny will address the rumors or if they will continue to circulate. In the meantime, Destiny is focusing on her singing career and is set to release her new album soon.