did blueys parents have a miscarriage



Did Bluey’s Parents Have a Miscarriage?

The popular children’s show, Bluey, has a lot of fans wondering whether Bluey’s parents had a miscarriage between Bluey and her sister, Bingo.


There is no firm answer to this question, but many Bluey theorists seem to think the show hinted at a miscarriage. One example of this is a scene in season two where Bingo finds out that her parents were going to have a baby.

The parents seem sad when they explain it to her, which some took as a sign that something had gone wrong. Additionally, Bluey’s parents never mention the lost pregnancy whenever Bingo expresses an interest in having another sibling.

Cultural Significance

If Bluey‘s creators have indeed added a miscarriage to their storyline, it could be a powerful symbol of resilience in the face of grief. Miscarriage affects many families, yet it is often an overlooked topic in media and literature.

By introducing this subject with a show aimed at children, Bluey could be helping to normalize the experience of losing a pregnancy, and allowing kids and adults alike to process their own experiences.


Did Bluey’s parents have a miscarriage? Unfortunately, we cannot confirm this one way or the other. But whatever Bluey’s creators had in mind, they did a great job of making a show that is relatable and educational—for both children and adults.