did manuela from price is right have her baby


Did Manuela from Price is Right have her baby?

Manuela Arbeláez, a Colombian-born model and Price is Right celebrity, was reported to have announced her pregnancy in 2019. Ever since then, fans have been wondering if Manuela had her baby yet.

What do we know?

Manuela announced her pregnancy in 2019 and is due in 2020. Here is what else we know:

  • The father: Ulises Marquez, a professional soccer player and Manuela’s boyfriend since 2017, is reported to be the father of the unborn baby.
  • Baby gender: In the same year, Manuela & Ulises announced that they will be welcoming a Baby Boy.
  • Instagram presence: Manuela has been posting about her growing Baby Boy on her Instagram account. She was even featured in a photoshoot for her Baby Shower.

Did Manuela have her baby?

As of yet, Manuela has not announced that she gave birth yet. However, considering she has reached the due date, the answer is most likely yes.

It is expected that Manuela will be giving an exclusive about her baby in the near future and we can’t wait to hear all the details!