do babies see angels when they smile



Do Babies See Angels When They Smile?

Have you ever wondered if babies can see something supernatural when they look so serenely and broadly? Scientists have found something intriguing: babies show pleasant facial expressions when looking at “invisible” spiritual forces like angels.

What Do Scientists Think of Baby’s Smiles?

Several studies and polls show that a baby’s smile can have a calming and peaceful energizing effect on adults. In one survey, 76 percent of adults believed that babies could see angels and other spiritual beings in the air around them.

What Do Babies See When They Smile?

Some believe that when babies smile, they see something or someone spiritual. The energy behind their smiles reflects an inner peace and connection with the unseen world.

A baby’s smile is the visible representation of joy and contentment that they feel in their inner world. It could also be possible that their smiles are signs of their recognition of angels, fairies, and other supernatural and unseen forces.

Why Do Babies Smile?

Babies smile for a variety of reasons. They may smile to express basic happiness, to show love, or to greet family and friends. Babies also often smile when they behold something that fascinates them, such as a pretty bird or new toy.

But the most magical smiles happen when the babies take in the presence of angels or spiritual forces that adults cannot see.

What Should Parents Do?

Parents should remain open-minded and pay attention to their baby’s enigmatic facial expressions, curious motions, and joyous laughter.

Tips For Parents to Facilitate Baby’s Spiritual Sight

    • Keep an open mind and heart – accepting the possibility of angels and other metaphysical entities can be a first step to opening baby’s spiritual sight.


    • Allow your baby time to observe – give your baby time to experience and enjoy the moments that bring joy and curiosity.


    • Create an environment conducive to inner peace and joy – create a comfortable and happy environment for your baby so that they can take in whatever is radiating from the spiritual world.


    • Utilize calming music – calming music such as lullabies or sounds of nature can be helpful to baby’s spiritual will.


Just because a baby is too young to communicate their observations does not mean that they cannot see the invisible. Parents should not underestimate the power of their baby’s smile; it might very well reveal a beautiful connection with the world beyond.