do cats know when a baby is coming


Do Cats Know When A Baby Is Coming?

It is well known that animals, specially cats, to be quite aware of their environment. That’s why it’s no surprise that cats seem to be able to sense when a baby is on the way. Even though it is difficult to prove cats have an actual knowledge of a baby coming and that they are not just responding to changes in their environment, cat owners reports cats behaving differently when they know a baby is coming.

The Signs They Give

Cats can display different signs when a baby is on the way:

  • Unexplained Behavior: cats have a sixth sense, so they can sense changes in the environment and, with that, they can sense when a baby is coming. Some cats, usually those more attached to their owners, can react to the changes in their owners’ behavior.
  • Becoming More Affectionate: cats living in a family home where a baby is about to come, may become more affectionate. Some cats show more attention to the future mommy and can even be seen carefully checking out baby products.
  • Vocalization: cats may vocalize when a baby is on the way. Cats can “talk” to people in a number of ways, but the vocalizing increases when the family about to get bigger. Some cats may become quite vocal.
  • Changes In Activity: cats usually get calmer and more relaxed when a baby is coming. This can be due to the arrival of the baby itself or to the attention cats receive from family members as they become more excited – and as such focus their energy in the preparations and on cuddling the cats.

What To do When A Baby Is Coming

It is important to help cat ease into the idea of a baby coming. It is important to help cats embrace the idea of a baby arriving. Do not push cats away, but rather make them aware of the potential changes by for example adding a baby seat or letting cats sniff out the baby clothes.

Lastly, always allow cats to have a place of their own where they can relax or hide if needed. By doing that, you’ll make the transition to life with the baby smoother for your cats.

In summary, even though cats cannot be said to truly understand the concept of a baby coming, it is reasonable to assume they sense the changes in the environment. They may display signs of affection, or take extra care of themselves and the family as they try to prepare for the arrival of the baby. And as such, it’s essential to help cats get used to the idea of a baby joining the family and to make them feel safe during the baby’s arrival.