do d3 athletes get free gear


Do D3 Athletes Receive Free Gear?

Division 3 Athletics is the lowest form of NCAA sanctioned athletics, and while athletes may not receive the same benefits of those in the Division 1 level, they may still be eligible to get free sportswear and equipment. In this article, we will explore whether D3 athletes have access to free gear.

What Is Division 3 Athletics?

Division 3 Athletics is a sub-division of the NCAA—the governing body for collegiate sports in the United States. The majority of schools competing in Division 3 sports have relatively smaller budgets than Division 1 programs and are usually composed of student-athletes who are balancing academics with their athletics. While the level of physical performance and expectations of competition remain high, Division 3 athletes—with few exceptions—are not eligible for athletic scholarships in the same way as Division 1 athletes.

Do D3 Athletes Receive Free Gear?

The answer to this question is Yes and No. Some Division 3 schools may provide athletes with free gear or equipment, but it is not a national policy or a guarantee. Generally, Division 3 schools will cover any fees associated with participating in their athletics program and may purchase standard uniforms or equipment for their athletes. However, Division 3 athletes are not typically eligible to receive brand name sportswear or gear at a discounted rate or for free.

Where Can Division 3 Athletes Get Gear?

If athletes wish to get access to quality sportswear and gear, some of the following options may help:

  • School Store: Most Division 3 schools have a school store where students can buy discounted team merchandise. This is typically the best way for D3 athletes to access sportswear at the most affordable prices.
  • School Fundraising: Many Division 3 schools will offer fundraising or sponsorships for athletes to help cover the cost of gear or equipment. These may come in the form of generic fundraisers or sponsored partnerships with local businesses.
  • Retail Stores: There are plenty of local and online stores that sell team merchandise and discounted sportswear. This could also be a good option for athletes looking to stay within a budget.


While Division 3 athletes may not get the same benefits as Division 1 counterparts, it is still possible for them to get access to quality sportswear and gear. There are plenty of resources available to help athletes find the best deals and the right gear to help them excel on the court or field.