do electric motorcycles have gears


Do Electric Motorcycles Have Gears?

Electric motorcycles are becoming increasingly popular in today’s world of transportation due to their environmental friendliness and low cost of operation. One of the questions people have when considering an electric motorcycle is: Do electric motorcycles have gears?

The answer is yes! Electric motorcycles do have gears, although they are not the same as the style of transmission used in gasoline powered motorcycles. Instead of a mechanical transmission with a clutch, to change between gears, electric motorcycles use a transmission type called Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT).

Benefits of Electric Motorcycle Gears

The primary benefit of having CVT transmission in electric motorcycles is the increased torque they offer. The torque is the amount of power available to the wheels when the motorcycle is in motion. By having different gears, an electric motorcycle can optimize the amount of torque to better suit the rider’s needs, such as uphill or downhill riding.

Another benefit of the CVT transmission in electric motorcycles is that they are more efficient than gasoline powered bikes. They do not require a separate oil change for the transmission, and they require less maintenance than gasoline powered motorcycles.

Types of Electric Motorbike Gearboxes

There are two main types of gearbox used in electric motorcycles; Automatic and Manual.

  • Automatic: An automatic gearbox is great for riders that have little to no experience riding an electric motorcycle. The bike is programmed to automatically change the gears based on the terrain and speed. This allows the rider to focus on the ride rather than worrying about when to switch to the correct gear.
  • Manual: A manual gearbox is preferred by experienced riders, giving them the control to decide when and how to switch gears. Although these require more skill, manual gearboxes allow for more precision and customization, allowing the rider to extract the maximum performance from the electric motorcycle.


Electric motorcycles are a great alternative to traditional petrol motorcycles, with many benefits including a reduction in environmental impact, cost efficiency and quieter operation. They do have gears, but these are much different from the classic mechanical transmissions of petrol powered motorcycles. Instead, electric motorcycles utilise CVT transmissions, which offer more torque and increased efficiency. These are available in both Automatic and Manual models, to best meet the rider’s needs.