do flamingos lose their color when they have babies



Do Flamingos Lose Their Color When They Have Babies?

Flamingos are some of the most beautiful and vibrant birds in the world, with their signature pink color that stands out from other birds. But do flamingos lose their color when they have babies?

Changes In Flamingo Color

Flamingos get their color from their diet, and if their diet changes, so will their color. When flamingos breed, their diet changes, as babies need different nutrients than adults. This can cause their color to become paler and can ofte times cause their feathers to become a grey-white color instead of a bold pink.

Affect Of Environment

Another factor that can cause flamingos to change in color is their environment. Some flamingos dwell in saltwater habitats and their diet consists of brine shrimp and blue-green algae. Their color will appear more gray-white than a bold pink. If a flamingo lives in fresh water, their diet consists mostly of algae and their feathers will be a bright pink.


In conclusion, flamingos do not typically lose their color when they have babies, but their feathers may become paler. The change in diet and their environment can cause their color to change from a bright pink to a gray-white.

Tips To Maintain Color

Here are some tips for flamingo parents to help their babies maintain a bright pink color:

    • Provide a balanced diet: Provide baby flamingos with a balanced diet to ensure that they get the nutrients they need and maintain their adult color.


    • Maintain proper living conditions: Make sure that the environment that they are living in is conducive to their health and growth and can help retain their pink color.


    • Keep stress levels low: Stress can cause the feathers to turn white, so it is important to keep their stress levels down.