do lactation consultants help with bottle feeding


Do Lactation Consultants Help With Bottle Feeding?

Lactation consultants are often sought by parents who want to ensure that their baby is given the best nutritional and emotional care. Most lactation consultants are available to help mothers who are breastfeeding as well as those who wish to bottle feed.

Benefits to Bottle Feeding with a Lactation Consultant

When it comes to bottle feeding, there are many benefits to seeking the advice of a lactation consultant:

  • Assurance of Proper Cleaning: Bottles must be thoroughly cleaned and sterilised after every use. A lactation consultant can provide advice on the necessary steps for cleaning and sterilising, as well as how to ensure that bottles are effectively sanitised.
  • Feeding Techniques: Holding and positioning the bottle is important, not only to ensure the baby is being fed effectively, but also to prevent choking. A lactation consultant can provide tips and guidance on safe feeding positions and techniques.
  • Formula Selection: Confused about which formula to use? A lactation consultant can provide guidance on which formulas are best suited to a baby’s particular nutritional needs and allergies, as well as provide advice on the benefits of various brands.
  • Introducing Solid Foods: Eventually, bottle feeding babies need to transition from breast- or bottle-feeding to solid foods. Lactation consultants can provide helpful advice on introducing solid foods, such as when to introduce new foods, which foods are best and more.


Bottle-feeding is a common and safe way to nourish your baby. Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, a lactation consultant can provide valuable information and support to both you and your baby. They can help ensure that your baby is receiving the best nutrition and care.