do ladybugs sleep


Do Ladybugs Sleep?

Ladybugs, also known as Lady Birds, are very familiar and beloved bugs in nature. Many people love their cheerful red and black spotted bodies and their seemingly good luck grantor. However, do ladybugs actually sleep?

Sleep Behavior

Ladybugs are considered crepuscular creatures, meaning they are most active at dawn and dusk. At the end of the day, they enter a state of torpor; a period of quiet inactivity with decreased body functions as the ladybug prepares for a long sleep. During this state, ladybugs search for a safe and sheltered spot to spend the night.

Sleep Locations

Ladybugs prefer sleeping in dark and humid places, so that their environment matches the perfect temperature for their metabolism. They usually look for spots like:

  • Inside the tree bark. Ladybugs can crawl between the bark of trees and find small logs and fallen branches to use as a safe bed.
  • Under leaves. Ladybugs also use dried leaves to cover and protect them during their sleep.
  • Inside the garden soil. For cold winter nights, ladybugs may retreat to the soil of their owner’s garden to find safety from low temperatures.

Amount of Sleep

Though exact sleep duration is not known, ladybugs seem to sleep for a long enough time so it can be called a nightly sleep. Thier sleeping schedule also varies with the season, as ladybugs enter a type of hibernation during the winter months and don’t need to sleep that much.

Overall, ladybugs do sleep, and usually look for a safe and comfortable spot to lay low and rest during the night.